Friday, December 28, 2007

Invoking WebServices From Oracle 9i or 10g using UTL_HTTP

Invoking WebServices From Oracle 9i or 10g using UTL_HTTP

Here is the a very simple method to invoke WebServices from Oracle 9i or 10g using the UTL_HTTP method.

  • First Identify the webservice and the "envelope" that you need to post to the webservice using UTL_HTTP post method. In this example, I am using the following WebService

    The WebService is expecting the following Envelope for the GetQuote Method

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <soap:Envelope xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:soap="">
    <GetQuote xmlns="http://www.webserviceX.NET/">

  • PL/SQL routine for invoking the webservice

    create or replace FUNCTION WS_QUOTE( symbol in varchar2) RETURN sys.xmltype
        env       VARCHAR2(32767);
        http_req  utl_http.req;
        http_resp utl_http.resp;
        resp      sys.xmltype;
        in_xml    sys.xmltype;
        url       varchar2(2000):='';
    --    generate_envelope(req, env);
        env:='<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <soap:Envelope xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:soap="">
        <GetQuote xmlns="http://www.webserviceX.NET/">
          <symbol>' || symbol || '</symbol>
        http_req := utl_http.begin_request(url, 'POST','HTTP/1.1');
        utl_http.set_body_charset(http_req, 'UTF-8');
    --   utl_http.set_proxy('proxy:80', NULL);
    --   utl_http.set_persistent_conn_support(TRUE);
    --   UTL_HTTP.set_authentication(http_req, '', '3', 'Basic', TRUE );
        utl_http.set_header(http_req, 'Content-Type', 'text/xml');
        utl_http.set_header(http_req, 'Content-Length', length(env));
        utl_http.set_header(http_req, 'SOAPAction', 'http://www.webserviceX.NET/GetQuote');
        utl_http.write_text(http_req, env);
        http_resp := utl_http.get_response(http_req);
        utl_http.read_text(http_resp, env);
        in_xml := sys.xmltype.createxml(env);
        resp := xmltype.createxml(env);
        dbms_output.put_line('same output');
        dbms_output.put_line(SUBSTR(env, 1, 245));
        RETURN resp;

Observe here that SYMBOL is the only parameter required for this function. All other is required just to create the envelope.

  • Sample extract Query for extracting the information

select extract(ws_quote('GOOG'),'//GetQuoteResult/text()',

'xmlns:soap=""').getStringVal() from dual

Using this technique, all webservices calls are reduced to simple queries in the database and can be used to virtualize the database.


Anonymous said...

Your function seems to work pretty well but the sample query returns null as if the node did not exist. Any clue about this ?

Anonymous said...

Solution: Sustitution

select extract(ws_quote('GOOG'),'//GetQuoteResult/text()',
'xmlns:soap="http://www.webserviceX.NET/"').getStringVal() from dual

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