Monday, June 18, 2007

Bouncing Apache in Oracle Applications 11i

Bouncing Apache in Oracle Applications 11i.

In case you are doing development in Oracle Applications 11i and are working on JTT Framework or OAFramework, then you will need to bounce the Apache in order for your changes to be picked up. This is required for "Self Service Applications" and may not apply to forms 6i or oracle reports development.

In order to bounce the Apache, you will have to request the DBA access to the MidTier and the required privileges to bounce.

The script that does the bouncing for you is . Its commonly located under $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts

Command for executing the bounce are

$ stop

$ start

Now there are cases when only bouncing is not enough and you might have to clear the cache. JSP cache is created each time SSA Applications are accessed in Oracle 11i. Its wise to clear the cache to be on the safer side.

The cache is located under



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For production can you clear the cache every time you bounce apache...will the user face any issues....

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